Alane Holsteen

I live and create in downtown Denver. By day I work with victims of violent crime. Come night time, or weekends, you can find me in my studio making art. Sometimes I need to reaffirm my belief in the beauty of this life, and sometimes I need to express it’s pain. All of my life’s experiences inform my creations

Life is made up of so many layers of experiences, relationships, love, joy, heartbreak. By employing the medium of encaustic (wax and resin), I am able to fuse layer upon layer of color, expressive marks, and full drawings, mimicking our lives, built day upon day. Sometimes a drawing or color might be completely obscured by a subsequent layer, yet, like life, it still exists, yielding the artwork it’s energy, it’s story to the final painting.   I often look to nature for my inspiration.  I admire it’s valiant determination to survive despite the chaos and insanity of this world.  My intention is to bring life and hope to the viewer, to present them with truth and valor, and compensate for our all too mechanized world.

I am a native of Colorado. Both my parents came from farming families, and as a result they raised me with an appreciation of this Earth. After seven years of intense study with the Denver Botanical Illustration Program, I began showing my artwork professionally. Since then, I have continued to study at the Art Students League of Denver.