Candace Shepard

studio #1 2

Artist Statement

painting, drawing, printmaking…photography, poetry, collage

the world is indefinable unknowable strange funny horrifying beautiful

conceptual exploration through visual creation, I make things by hand in direct contact with material

I engage in active meditation as I work with organic, sinuous, rhythmic, flowing imagery, creating visual poetry from the collective images, thinking around and through an initial concept on many levels of consciousness, in free association.


Attended Hartford Art School at University of Hartford
Boulder Colorado 1976:
Attended University of Colorado, and Naropa Institute

Memberships 1991 to present

Alternative Arts Alliance, CORE New Art Space, Open Press,
Women’s Caucus for Art, Boulder Arts Alliance, Confluence
Community Arts, Lyons Arts and Humanities Council,
NEXT Art Gallery, Zip37 Gallery

I’ve also exhibited in numerous group and one person shows, museums,
alternative and commercial galleries