Jean Smith

I have been working in clay since about 1990. At the present time, I go between low and mid-range firings, but find I am more and more interested in the higher fired range and in discovering the ways to combine stains and commercial glazes. Most of my work is sculptural, but some of it is functional. My current body of work consists of sculptures using multiple sections stacked on top of each other, then strung on a plastic coated wire to hang from the ceiling to create a two to four foot piece, as well as individual pieces that can be used as vases, and wall sculptures.

Besides working with clay, I do some mixed media work and jewelry pieces. I like to challenge myself to try new things and I am enraptured by old trade beads. My work can always be seen in the back room of Zip 37 Gallery.
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Next Show: “Wall Works,” new ceramic work by Jean Smith

Opening Reception: Friday, May 26, 5 – 10 PM

First Friday Jewelry Trunk Show Weekend: Friday, June 2, 5 – 10 PM, Sat/Sun 12 – 5 PM

Closing Friday Reception: Friday, June 9, 5 – 10 PM

Hours: Fri 5 – 10 PM, Sat 12 – 6 PM, Sun 12 – 6 PM

This series of 3 – D ceramic shapes positioned on the wall in groups, is a continuation of my exploration of creating larger pieces of artwork using multiples of smaller pieces. It has evolved through placing multiple pieces together on the floor or pedestal, to stacking multiple pieces on a metal rod, positioned on the floor; to stacking multiple pieces on a plastic coated wire and suspended from the ceiling.  Through this exercise, the pieces have changed from shapes found in nature to abstract shapes.  The goal has been to create a larger piece of work using multiple pieces, than would be possible as a singular piece. In some respects, the process is like stringing beads. Each mutation changes in color as well as position.