Katie Hoffman

Colorado artist Katie Hoffman earned her BFA at the Metropolitan College of Denver in 2004 and has since been exhibiting her award-winning work in galleries and cultural centers across Colorado.  In 2011 her work was included in the SICA (Shore Institute of Contemporary Arts, Asbury NJ) exhibit The Sum of Their Parts, which was reviewed in the New York Times. Other notable exhibits include The Art District on Santa Fe’s Best of 2011, and Artists Against Convention. Her work has been featured in national and international publications.  

Hoffman uses layers of paint, wax, and other media to express her rich and intensely personal inner life on canvas.  “I start with a nonobjective under-painting and no preconceptions but texture and color to enter into a dialogue with the paint itself,” says Hoffman. “Though this approach to a start is indebted to Abstract Expressionism, the paintings are not completed in one dynamic session. They are returned to over a period of weeks or months, as more layers of paint, wax, and various media are added and some areas are abraded or scraped down to reveal earlier layers, in a mimicry of fragmented memory and experience residing in an invented space. My creative process is largely intuitive. I bring recognizable imagery to the surface if it suggests itself during the process, but attempt to retain some of the ambiguity of the original vision.”