Lin Takeuchi

Artist Statement

Push/pull…this is what art does to me. I get pushed and pulled into a space that is totally mine. I cannot remember a time when I haven’t drawn or painted. Essentially self-taught, I learn through the process of creating and observing other artists works. I sit down with that push/pull and get to work and see what manifests on the surface in front of me. The push/pull leads me down a path of reaching inside and putting marks down to reflect abstracted moments in time. Anything can be an influence on my artwork…dreams, music, poetry. It all becomes a part of my life. Being from Long Beach, California I still can feel, smell and hear the ocean. I am mesmerized by it but yet fear it and have enormous respect for its power. It is a major influence in the feeling of being “home”, as odd as it sounds, living landlocked in Denver. Mountains do the same. Push/pull. It is in this arena of love and fear that I base much of my work. I can’t think too hard about it.

So, I go with my gut and intuition. On a practical note, I majored in Geography as an undergraduate and minored in Fine Arts (mostly art history) at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I moved on to receive a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Colorado at Denver after working as a draftsperson and learning the basics of graphic design via a job at an engineering firm. I was accepted as a member of Zip 37 Gallery, in the Navajo Arts District, in the fall of 2012. The experience of being a part of an artist-run gallery has been invaluable and has given me the opportunity to meet more artists and to be seen through solo shows and group shows.