Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore My background and training in art is as a commercial artist. I went to school for illustration with an emphasis in painting and graphic design. As an artist I enjoy exploring my own theory of aesthetics. Why do we collect and enjoy some things and call them art or beautiful and not others? My art is functional, my paintings tell a story, my 3d art has practical purposes, whether it is a tool like a pen or letter opener, or a sculpture for a board game.


I probably divide my time evenly between doing 3d and 2d art. As a painter I enjoy exploring the play between realistic representation and abstraction to either tell a story, draw the eye in, or create interest through stylization. As a sculptor and woodworker I enjoy creating beautiful, enjoyable, yet functional objects. I especially enjoy growing as an artist by learning new things. To me making art is about exploration, beauty, enjoyment, and finding a voice for storytelling.